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Hi! My name is Nicole.

Make no mistake, getting healthy is not about taking a magic pill!  Getting healthy means understanding your body, understanding what your body needs and taking action daily to support those areas.

My quest for health started many years ago, around the age of 20.  Mine started with high stress and not having enough energy for the day!  Sound familiar! 

It seemed every year, another new health condition was added to my bucket list.  The very first symptom I can remember, was horrible seasonal allergies.  I remember not being able to get off the couch for two weeks spring and fall because I could not breath and the fatigue was unbearable.  As the years went on, Fibromyalgia showed its face and decided to take over my body.  If you are not familiar with this terminology, basically its a catch all, because they have no idea what causes it!  Fibromyalgia is where your muscles and fascia are inflamed and your whole body hurts and you always feel fatigued.  When this settled in, I started having bladder issues, knee issue, and my spine and back was in continues pain.  A couple years ago before I found the Root Cause Protocol, I started experiencing debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

 I have my own testimonals on what the protocol has done for me which I will share on a separate page.  What I will say, is I am slowly one day at a time getting my health back and the symptoms that I spoke of above are slowly disappearing!   This protocol is the only thing that I have seen real lasting change with.  Who doesn't want to have more energy, less physical pain, have their labels of disease fall away.  If you want this for yourself I highly recommend setting up a free 20 min consult on the home page and see if its right for you.


"I'm committed to getting you to your best health possible."




Root Cause Protocol Consultant

•uncover how the stress of your life has affected your mineral balance

Quantum Biofeedback Specialist

•learn frequencies that bring stress to the body & then energetically balance the body for enhanced health

Qigong & Yoga Instructor

•Qigong- a Chinese art, through stretches & breath work helps to restore vital energy in the organs