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Welcome to the Root Cause Protocol

What is the Root Cause Protocol?

The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) is based on restoring essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in the human body.  The Protocol was created by Morley Robbins, the founder of the Magnesium Advocacy Group.  This group was started to educate individuals on the widespread lack of awareness on the prevalence and influence of Magnesium deficiency.  Through the years it has developed into a full, life altering protocol, restoring wellness in mind and body by restoring essential nutrients. 

Each individual has their own personal ways of handling stress, therefore, their own personal chronic stress patterns.  These chronic stress patterns deplete minerals.  Without minerals, enzymes can't work properly.  When they don't, we develop mitrochondrial dysregulation, which leads to metabolic dysfunction and all kinds of "symptoms".  Basically if you are experiencing health symptoms then you are experiencing some form of mineral imbalance.  Restore the mineral gives you the opportunity to improve your energy and health while reversing metabolic dysfunction.

The RCP is designed to :

1) increase bioavailable COPPER in order to...

2) decrease unbound IRON and...

3) decrease the MAGNESIUM burn rate in order to...

4) repair cellular mineral imbalance -- the ROOT CAUSE  of virtually ALL health challenges!

It all starts with a test...

HTMA (Hair tissue mineral analysis) test is an inexpensive, accurate screening that uncovers how the stress of your life has affected your mineral balance.  It provides a deeper understanding into your body chemistry, allowing me to put together a game plan to restore and maintain optimal health.  You can order a hair analysis directly from my site.  Once the hair analysis is order, shortly after I will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed.  After we receive the results, we can set up a consultation to interpret your results.

The HTMA works best when combined with a full blood work panel.  Click blood work to order...

Resources & Information on the RCP